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Accessory Dwelling Unit Hawaii

An accessory dwelling unit, or ADU, is a unit added to an existing property that features a full kitchen, one or more bedrooms and bathrooms, and a parking stall. Hawaii ADU is often used as long-term rental units for extra income. They are also used to house another generation of the family (e.g. parents, kids) with a decent level of privacy, a guest house, or simply to add extra living space for the family. If you are looking at building an accessory dwelling unit in Hawaii, call our contractors for more info, guidance, and estimates.

A Hawaii accessory dwelling unit can be a separate structure, an extension of the main house, or a conversion of an existing house. ADU in Honolulu are often extensions of the house as the lands tend to be smaller. People who have bigger lots, for example in Mililani, Waipahu, Kaneohe, and Kapolei areas, tend to have ADU a separate structure.

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Our Process

Step 1.

Budget + Options

What is your goal and what is your budget are the first steps to analyze. Secondly, we will look at your sq ft available according to the Hawaii law to give you the best options and recommendations.

Step 2.

Design + Permits

With our experience in Hawaii design build projects, designing an ADU is fairly simple as long as we follow the permitting laws. We will help you handeling the permiting process to ensure a smooth process.

Step 3.

Build + Enjoy

25 years in construction is a long time of building good relationships with local tradesman and material suppliers in Oahu. We are able to match your project with the best materials for your goals and budget.

We build ADU in Oahu

We have 25+ years of experience and a team able to handle projects such an ADU in Oahu. We can budget, plan, and handle all the permits necessary. Not sure if you should do such a project? Give us a call to find out if this is the right project for your house. We offer free consultations and estimates.

This picture shows ADU contractors in Hawaii. The ADU project is under construction.

Benefits of ADUs

  • Provide rental income: A of families use the rental income toward their mortgage, bills, and savings over the years.
  • Good source of income with less upfront investment: While the cost of an ADU in Hawaii is not cheap, the cost of buying a home to rent out is far more expensive. If you have a nice ADU, the amount of rent you get may be similar. Therefore, your ROI will be much higher.
  •  Protect rural areas: Honolulu ADU help to protect rural areas from development by allowing for additional housing in the city.
  • Support family aging together: In Hawaii families enjoy to take care of one another. For that you can build a home addition in Oahu, or an ADU for more privacy.

Ohana unit vs. ADU

Accessory Dwelling Units are NOT the same as Ohana Units. A lot of pleople still get confused with those. Accessory Dwelling Units are living spaces with a full kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping facilities. In the other hand, Ohana units are only allowed to have a “wet bar,” and not a full kitchen. Moreover, they can only be rented to family related to the homeowner by blood, adoption, or marriage. You will need to sign an agreement with the Building Department when applying for the permit.


this picture shows construction of an ADU in Honolulu

FREE Consultation to build your ADU in Honolulu and Oahu

Not only we are leaders in Hawaii home remodel, but we have the necessary skills, experience, and team members to plan, build and manage an ADU in Hawaii. Our team works with clients from the pre-check and permitting process with the city Department of Permitting and Planning. Give us a call to start your free consultation and find out the possibilities for your individual situation.

ADU Requirements in Hawaii

It is important that you know that there are a lot of regulations when it comes to Hawaii ADU. First, you can only consider it if your lot if bigger than 3,000 sq ft. If your lot is between 3,000 sq ft and 4,999 sq ft you qualify for a 400 sq feet ADU. If our lot if bigger than 5,000 sq ft you qualify for 800 sq ft ADU. Second, only one ADU is permitted per lot. Third, you can’t subdivide the lot. If you wish to sell, you need to sell it together. Also, ensure that your lot is marked as a residential area and that you reside in the property. Finally, make sure the street is wide enough and that you can provide a separate parking stall to the ADU.

As you can see, this process is a lot more intricate then a simple kitchen or bathroom remodeling. If you check all the above, it is time to call us. We will meet with you, discuss plans and possibilities, and help you with applying for the necessary permits. You will need the floor plan and plot plan for that.

How much does building an ADU in Hawaii costs?

On average, Hawaii ADUs can be built at $200-300 per square foot. It of course depends on the land levering and materials you choose, for example exterior walls, foundations, roof, and floor installation. In 2015, the Honolulu County’s ADU ordinance went into effect as part of the affordable housing strategy. There are about 20,000 lots zoned for ADUs in Honolulu. If you have the space and want to take advantage of this opportunity, give us a call for planning.

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