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In house Kitchen Designer since 2006 with great relationships with multiple local vendors for the best custom cabinets Hawaii. 

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Top Quality Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Oahu, Hawaii

Our team has designed countless custom cabinets in Oahu and Hawaii. The expertise is on guiding you through what you need vs. want, designing the best quality cabinetry within your budget, coordinate with quality local cabinet makers, and finally install it for you without stress.

The expertise relies on three important steps:

✔ Find out what type cabinets do your really need
✔ Balance it with what you want and envision
✔ Recommend the best local cabinet maker based on your needs and goals

General Contractors Oahu is leader in kitchen remodel in Hawaii! Our general contractor is also a kitchen designer since 2006. He has renovated countless kitchens in Hawaii and will not run out of ideas for yours. Unlike other contractors who will limit your options to specific vendors, we pride ourselves for working with multiple companies. Our long experience with many local vendors will guarantee that you will get the best recommendation and service possible.

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Ideas For Your Custom Cabinets in Hawaii

Built-in appliance lift for kitchen cabinets in Hawaii

In-built Appliance Lift

Do you have bulky appliances taking up valuable counter space? With this easy pull of the shelf mechanism, your bulky appliance can be lifted right up to counter level. This appliance lift is ideal for mixers, slow cookers, air fryers blenders, and other bulky kitchen appliances.

Custom Cabinets showing a Lazy Susan made for a Aina Haina Home in Honolulu

Add a Lazy Susan

A Lazy Susan cabinet is ideal for storing frequently used supplies in the kitchen. The fact that it rotates save you time in searching for the right product behind everything else. Lazy Susans are popular in the corner of the cabinet as they allow for extra storage space easily accessible.

Custom made pull-out spice rack at a Kahala Home in Honolulu

Pull-out Spice Rack

Spice racks are a simple but life changing addition to any kitchen. If you like cooking with spices you should know that keeping them next to heat and light will weaken the flavor. Conversely, a pull out rack provides the best way to store them. It also allows you to see every spice you have easily.

Kitchen cabinet in Oahu with soft close added to drawer

Soft Close and Push to Open

This features are related with the type of hinges installed. Push to open cabinets are trendy, while soft close is more for protection. The hinges will ensure the door/drawer shuts smoothly and silently. Both are safer for kids.  Soft close cabinets will increase the durability of your cabinets.

Built in wine cabinet in a kitchen in Honolulu, Oahu. Custom-made

Built-in Wine Rack

If you appreciate wine you should consider a built-in wine rack. There are many options from open to closed cabinets. Regardless, the main thing is to keep the wine away from light and other kitchen appliances if possible. Other creative ideas to store and display wine are pull out wine shelves.

Choose the Best Material for Your Oahu Kitchen Cabinets

 Hardwood Cabinets

Hardwood or solid wood is the most popular and desirable kitchen cabinet material in general. Indeed, it is the most durable and customizable material in the market. Common types include red oak, white oak, hickory, cherry, hard maple, among others. People like to match it with hardwood flooring installation too. However, did you know that wood expands if exposed to water? For example, for a beach-front house the wood you should consider is HDF (high density fiberboard) which is more resistance to water and humidity. 

 Highly strong and most durable
✔ Variety of types, colors, and designs
✔ Easily adapted to different styles: traditional, contemporary, or modern
✔ Always trendy
✔ Longest life span from all materials
✔ Most expensive if higher quality

⊝ Not waterproof
⊝ Prone to humidity
⊝ Prone to termites, especially in Hawaii
⊝ Wood denting if not good quality
⊝ Installation is more difficult

 PVC Cabinets

PVC (poly-vinyl chloride) cabinets can be made of foam or hollow boards. Foam boards are preferred as they are usually insulated against heat and are fairly fire resistant. This is a favorite for kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Oahu.

✔ Affordable
✔ Very trendy currently
✔ Easy to clean
✔ Termite-free
✔ Waterproof
✔ Anti-corrosive
✔ Good Durability

⊝ Not resistant to fire
⊝ Shorter life span than hardwood
⊝ Less options for customization (flat panels)
⊝ Need to use hardware and hinges compatible with plastic to prevent deformities

 Plywood and Laminates

Plywood is popular in Hawaii due to the cheaper cost. To achieve their lifetime without damage they need to be properly finished with a quality laminate or paint and be free from water or significant humidity.

✔ Cheaper
✔ Easy to clean if finished properly
✔ Different grades have different durability
✔ Not particle board (the least durable material you can get)

⊝ Risk of termite and pest attack
⊝ Shorter life span
⊝ Easy to scratch

Examples of four kitchen cabinet doors made by local Hawaii cabinet makers. Grey, white, light and dark brown hardwood doors.

Kitchen Cabinets Hawaii

Our team for home remodel in Oahu team only works with local kitchen cabinet Hawaii makers. We have seen contractors who order custom cabinets from mainland companies not being able to keep the budget and the time frame promised because of discrepancies on the materials sent. A kitchen remodel is a major investment for any home owner. The ability to see the materials, speak to the cabinet makers, and have the materials fixed quickly should any discrepancies occur is of upmost importance. Due to our great relationships with many Hawaii cabinet makers, we are able to show you some of the materials and options easily. 

Our Oahu kitchen remodel contractors are experienced with standard and custom cabinet installations of different materials. We have done it when building accessory dwelling units in Hawaii  too. To ensure your cabinets match your kitchen remodel, give our experts call today.

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Our Oahu Kitchen Designer will work with you to find out which material, style, and features will best suit your needs. We believe our work speaks for itself and will make our best recommendations free of any pressure or obligation.

 Satisfaction Guarantee

Our team takes pride and stand behind our work. We offer:

✔ Labor Warranty: 1 year

✔ Manufacturer Warranty of materials

✔ Materials are from local vendors which allows us to quickly fix any discrepancies