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Our Honolulu Builders are the choice for a full service Design Build project in Hawaii. With 25+ years of combined experience and in an house architect and estimator, we can plan and build the home of your dreams starting today.

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Design Build Contractor Hawaii

Our team offers experience and skills as one of the best design build contractor in Hawaii. We have helped our customers building the home of their dreams from the ground up. Most of our past customers hired us to build a home on an empty lot or a lot that legally could be divided to support another single-family dwelling. We have also helped homeowners who want to demolish their old homes and build a new home in their lot.
When it comes to residential design build in Hawaii, we have experience with all the possible scenarios. That includes building home additions in Oahu. We are also ADU contractors in Hawaii. For all the above cases, we will guide and hep you obtaining permits. Learn more about our custom home building process by reading this page or call us at (808) 707-8817 to schedule your FREE Custom Home Consult.

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Our Process

Step 1.


One of the most important parts of the process is that you understand how much money you have available for your home project. That way we align our recommendations to what you want and what materials are the best for your price point.

Step 2.


Our in-house designer and architect will meet with you and work together to design your custom home. This is step one to make your dream home a reality. Our architect has 50+ years of experience!

Step 3.


We have a combined experience of 25 years doing custom home builds and home renovations in Hawaii. That is a long time of building good relationships with local tradesman, material suppliers in Oahu.

We are Home Builders in Hawaii

25+ years of experience with the best team of contractors and designers awarded us the title of a top custom home builder Hawaii! Yes, we are more than just a contractor. Our design build team handles all the details of your construction project from start to finish. From your very first idea, to putting down the welcome mat. Whether you have a small or big lot, we will help you maximize the size and suggest the best layout for your rooms.


New Construction Homes Oahu

If you follow real estate, you must know that the housing market is always hot in Hawaii. Even during the housing market crash in 2008, Hawaii homes did not lose their value as much as mainland homes. Investing on a new construction home in Oahu can pay well if you do it right and hold it for some years.

But let’s be sincere. Not even counting the price of the land, the same exact home will cost more to build in Hawaii than is most states of the US. You can refer to our “cost of building a home in Hawaii” section for more information of that. However, Hawaii offers what no other state can: the beautiful beaches, the exciting mountains, and the ohana feeling. All in all, what so many people consider the dream lifestyle.

Advantages of a Custom Home Build 

Building a home has many advantages. Everything from the wires, pipes, and walls will be new. First and foremost, that means it will be done the right way – the way it makes sense for the lot and for the house.

Second, your home will be done the way you like it. How many times have you thought the following? “I wish this wall was not here, and the kitchen and living room was totally open?”. “I wish this office was bigger so I could store more things?”. “I wish the bathroom was bigger to put a nice walk-in shower”. “I wish the layout of the house allowed for a bigger patio to build a pool”. Well, that is the beauty of a custom home build. Every part of it will make sense to you and your family. That allows to take the most advantage of your investment for a full home satisfaction.

Finally, a custom home build also means no costly repairs in the near future! Even in the far future if you invest in quality materials and contractors like us. That is one of the main reasons why you want to make sure you choose the right Oahu builders for your Hawaii home project.

 Schedule a Consultation for your Hawaii Home Project

Our Honolulu Builders will guide you through the process for a smooth and stress-free home project Hawaii. No cutting corners. No difficulty getting a hold of us. We are here for you.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a House in Hawaii?

Building your own custom home can be more or less expensive, depending on the materials and design you choose. A rough rule of thumb for the cost to build a house in Hawaii is between $150 and $500 per square foot. The reason for such a discrepancy is that a lot of factors need to be considered. For example, the location, the terrain, the labor costs, the materials you choose, and the access to water and electricity, to name a few.

At the lower end of the spectrum, you are looking to a more modest and simple custom home build. Maybe you are looking to build an ADU project, or home with a more standard layout on the ground floor. This type of project can make a lot of sense over buying a home for two reasons: it will still be affordable; plus the floor plan will suit your habitual preferences.

The main factors driving the price per square feet to go up are adding a second floor and upgrading the materials. Flooring over carpet, quality paint that will not stain easily, bathroom and kitchen custom cabinets, for example. The labor costs really don’t change on an hour basis. Since you have to pay for labor anyway, it is a good idea to invest in quality materials that will last. Our general contractors are upfront and will make sure you are aware of the pros and cons of the materials available to you.

At $500/sq and up ft you are looking to luxury finishes and high-end materials. A kitchen with large luxury cabinets and a kitchen island. Bathrooms with a large custom shower and luxury fixtures. All of that you see in the magazines and movies. There is no limit. This price tag makes sense to the homeowners with a large budget and big dreams. And don’t think that you are just paying for looks here. The quality of the materials goes hand in hand.

Budgeting for your Hawaii Home Project

The good thing about hiring us is that we have done all the above-described home projects in Hawaii. From simple and modest homes, to more comfortable and high luxury ones. Therefore, we know the prices of the materials and which vendors to recommend for each option. We prioritize your budget but everyone knows that when it comes to construction there are so many unpredictable things that can happen. Although we do our best to stay with the costs we estimated, we suggest that you have a realistic budget keeping 10-20% on the side for contingencies. We prefer that you plan for the worse so that when things go smooth you have extra money in the bank!

Home Remodel

We are proud to be one of top-rated Hawaii home remodeling contractor. If you want to keep your floor plan but want to transform your current home, give us a call. We specialize in kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, new additions, and flooring contractors in Hawaii.

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Honolulu Builders

There are quite a handful or design build companies in Oahu. Some are too big and only take projects over a certain amount. Others narrow their recommendations of ideas and materials to a few vendors they work with. Our Honolulu builders treat each customer as they were family. As such, all our recommendations are honest and in line with what we believe is best for you based on your budget and ideas. We have worked with all sizes of projects and are excited to add yours to our portfolio!

✔  Experienced team (25+ years combined experience)
  Fully licensed, insured, bonded
✔  Integrity, honesty, and transparency in every job
✔  Experience with all sizes and budgets for design build in Hawaii 
✔  In house estimator to provide you with accurate free quotes
  We work with local vendors with quality materials and flexibility should we need any changes on the go  

 Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our team takes pride and stand behind our work. We offer:

✔ Labor Warranty: 1 year

✔ Manufacturer Warranty of materials

✔ Materials are from local vendors which allows us to quickly fix any discrepancies