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The General Contractors Oahu team is leader in Kitchen Remodel in Oahu (Honolulu, Kapolei, Kaneohe, Aiea, and more). We have 15+ years experience in kitchen design and renovation. 

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Oahu Kitchen Remodel and Renovation

General Contractors for your Kitchen Remodel in Oahu, Hawaii

Our team is the leader in kitchen remodel in Oahu! We offer full-service from planning upgrades, complete kitchen remodeling, or design build. Our general contractor is also a kitchen designer since 2006. He has renovated countless kitchens in Hawaii and will not run out of ideas for yours. Unlike other contractors who will limit your options to specific vendors, we pride ourselves for working with multiple companies. Our long experience with many local vendors will guarantee that you will get the best recommendation and service possible.

Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

Kitchen renovations in Honolulu and Oahu is one of our most common projects. On that note, it is also one of the most expensive home upgrades in general. Hence, the satisfaction of our costumers is of utmost importance to us. Besides our knowledge, experience, and talent, our secret to success is following a transparent 4 step process outlined below.

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Pictures of a local kitchen in Oahu before undergoing renovation.
Small space and old cabinets.

Picture shows part of a kitchen in Honolulu before undergoing renovation. Looks old, outdated, and crowded. Picture shows the side of a kitchen in Honolulu before undergoing remodeling. Looks outdated


Same kitchen after upgrade by Oahu General Contractors.
PVC custom cabinets and island added.

Picture shows cabinet area after Kitchen Remodel in Honolulu, Oahu. Looks modern more spacious comparing with prior pictures.Island added for the same kitchen Remodel in Honolulu. Much more space for storage and looks modern. Work done by our Oahu General Contractor.

Our Process

Save Money

with the Best Quality Prices on Oahu!

✔ Our General Contractor is also a Kitchen Designer for 15+ years.
✔ Get invaluable tips to create function, maximize space, and add personality to your kitchen without spending more!
We can work with any local cabinet maker of your choice.
Honest recommendations for you goals!

Step 1. Meet our Oahu Kitchen Remodel Contractor

Our meeting is the most important part of the process for your kitchen remodeling. The outcome of this kitchen will depend on this meeting. First and foremost, our contractor needs to understand what do you NEED.

 What appliances do you have, need, or plan to buy?

✔ How much space do you need for pots, pans, utensils, etc?

 Is this kitchen for you to use, for tenants, or are you selling the house? 

✔ Where do you live? Close to ocean vs. further in the valleys.

✔ How is the current wiring and plumbing?

Most home owners don’t know what they need and what the options are. Consequently, they end up spending the money in something that will not fulfill their needs. Educating our costumers is our number one priority to guarantee satisfaction.

Custom made pull-out spice rack at a Kahala Home in Honolulu

Design is not only for looks, is for function

This is where we get creative with out-of-box ideas you may have seen in some magazines and others you may have not even heard about before. We are not only talking about big appliances. If you like to cook you are likely to have a kitchen mixer, a pressure cooker, or even an air fryer. Those appliances are a bit heavy an annoying to keep taking in and out of the cabinets. Some people even keep them on the counter just to avoid that. If you are one of those people, have you seen how much space that takes out of your counter? A kitchen counter should only have the appliances you use daily. Anything else will just collect dust, take away the space you need to prepare your food, and make it very time consuming to clean the counter as you need to move them in and out.

Appliance Lift, Lazy Susan, Spice Rack Cabinet Pullout and more

Did you know we can design and build an appliance lift for your bulkier gadgets? In the case of many pots and pans you probably want to take advantage of the corners of your cabinets by using inbuilt a Lazy Susan cabinet. These custom design kitchen cabinets will save you so much space you will be surprised.

We work with your budget, your, ideas, and our knowledge and expertise. Being the best general contractors in Honolulu and Oahu for over two decades, you ca be sure we have the experience to guide you through the best decisions for your specific situation.


Step 2. Free Quote for your Kitchen Remodel in Oahu

In this phase Patrick will analyze your needs vs your dreams and wishes. Our Oahu General Contractors team has an in house estimator which will work together with the contractor for a free quote on the full job.

✔ What do you need vs. What do you want

✔ Transparent recommendations, work, and costs

✔ Free quote


Step 3. Kitchen Design

Patrick is a kitchen designer in Hawaii since 2006. Because of his extensive experience of building and coordinating many kitchen projects, Patrick knows what works and what does not. He knows what materials work for each goal you may have and how to better use them. Moreover, by being the same person it decreases the risk of miscommunications. Additionally, if things change on the go, he is able to change his plans quickly. The design involves:

✔ Following the needs and goals from step 1

✔ Our contractor is a qualified kitchen designer on Oahu for 15 years

✔ Measurements

✔ No miscommunications

✔ Typically our process for kitchen design in Oahu takes about 1 week.

Step 4. Kitchen Remodel

The final project stage is the actual construction for your kitchen remodel. Just like for a bathroom renovation, depending on what you chose, it may involve demolish of the current cabinets, floor installation, re-measuring and re-assuring everything is okay from the plumbing and electrical point of view. One of the best parts of working with our team for Kitchen renovation in Oahu is that our contractor will be able to quickly adjust any changes that need to be done without depending on a second person to design it. Too many times, we see kitchen remodels take months to end. That is because of kitchen contractors taking on a custom kitchen remodel without taking into account all the variables. Also, we have seen materials shipped from the mainland getting to the contractors with problems such as discrepancies in the measurements, color, etc. As you can imagine it is a headache and an extra cost to ship it back just to be fixed. Our contractors work with local vendors which assures changes can be done on the go without delaying the project. 

Flexible contractors and local vendors who are able to fix any issues should there be any discrepancies on the materials or measurements.

On-Time and On-Budget.

✔ Typically our team can do a full kitchen renovation in Oahu within 4 weeks 

All of our Oahu kitchen renovation contractors work conscientiously to build your custom kitchen in the most efficient way possible. We are careful to keep disruption to a minimum while the work is underway. The best part of our work is the reaction of our clients when the work is done! It is very gratifying when to build a project from scratch  leaving you with your ideal kitchen to be enjoyed for many years to come.

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Our Oahu kitchen contractors will work with you on the upgrade or remodel you need to add happiness to your time in the kitchen and value to your entire home.

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Why Choose Us?

Choose Talented and Trusted Kitchen Remodel Hawaii Contractors

There are well over 100 construction companies in Oahu, why should you choose us for your kitchen remodel?  Honolulu kitchen remodel contractors are experienced, hard-working professionals.

✔  Experienced team (25+ years combined experience)
  Fully licensed and bonded
✔  Integrity, honesty, and transparency in every job
✔ We can handle all the aspects of the project from kitchen design to build
✔  In house estimator to provide you with accurate free quotes
 We work with local vendors with quality materials and flexibility should we need any changes on the go  

 Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our team takes pride and stand behind our work. We offer:

✔ Labor Warranty: 1 year

✔ Manufacturer Warranty of materials

✔ Materials are from local vendors which allows us to quickly fix any discrepancies