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1.  We have 25+ Years of Combined Experience

Our team of general contractors has been performing renovations and new construction in Oahu for over 25 years. Kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, multigeneration homes, and even ADU Honolulu projects. We also do small projects and are the go to flooring contractors in Oahu. Massive repetition over the years allowed us to have experience with different materials, techniques, and creative ideas. By combining our experienced together we are an even stronger team who looks after your interests. We love the design and planning part as much as the construction and will spend the extra time with you to make sure that our work exceeds your expectations.

2.  We are Insured and Licensed

When looking for a general contractor for your home renovation project, always ask if they are licensed and insured. We recommend that you always hire a licensed and insured company such as us for safety and peace of mind. That is especially important for big projects such as room addition and design build in Hawaii.

3.  We DO NOT Cut Corners

We are NOT the average contractor you may worked with in the past. You can be sure that we use quality materials and don’t cut corners to get the job done faster or at a cheaper cost to us. When asking for quotes, if someone is very cheap always ask why and be on the lookout for cutting corners.

4.  We Use Quality Materials

Some contractors will give you low estimates to win the bin, that usually means that they used poor quality materials. We don’t recommend cheap materials, especially in Hawaii where the humidity will make them last a lot less. For example, we usually don’t recommend plywood for kitchen cabinets in Hawaii due to high risk of termite attack and damage from humidity. Assuming you live in the same house all your life, you should only go through one major renovation in your lifetime. If the materials used are of inferior quality you may need another renovation, or you can be sure your house will not be worth as much when it is time to sell. We spend the extra time to explain to you the difference between cabinet materials to be sure that you make the right decision.

5.  Satisfaction Guaranteed

We believe in our work, quality of materials we choose, and our skills. Therefore, we offer a Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy. Should you not be satisfied with our work, please reach out ASAP. We will go back to fix the issue to the best of our ability. Your happiness is our success! Feel free to contact our contractors should you have any questions or concerns.

5.  We Use Local Vendors

As said above, we are not your average contractor. We use local vendors for our materials to guarantee the best quality and experience during your home remodel in Oahu. Buying materials from the mainland or even China can cost you more on the long term. First is they are inferior quality, second because it is a lot harder to fix mistakes. By using local vendors we have 100% support and go back to them to have it fixed without adding any cost to you. Moreover, we have worked with them long enough that we trust they also have your best interest at heart. We will give you our recommendations of vendors depending on your goals and materials you choose. We are also open to meet new vendors should you have a different preference.

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